Tonight's Schedule

17:00 Entertainment Tonight Weekend
A wrap up of the biggest entertainment stories of the last week.
18:00 iCarly repeat
Sam crashes at Carly's after she has a huge blow-up with her mother, but she proves to be a difficult houseguest. Guest starring Jane Lynch. S3 Ep2
18:30 Agent Cody Banks TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801
To his family and friends, Cody Banks is a typical teen - he loves to skateboard, hates maths, and feels like a complete idiot around girls. But Cody's got a secret - he's actually part of a secret teen CIA program. Starring Frankie Muniz, Hilary Duff, and Andrew Francis. (2003)
A jealous Peter befriends actor James Woods after Brian falls for an attractive teacher. S5 Ep1
21:05 South Park repeat
South Park is invaded by a giant shopping center that threatens the quiet little town. S8 Ep9
21:35 Burn Notice on demand
New Episode. Michael finally meets with the head of the organisation he's been assigned to dismantle, but things get dicey when the leader drugs him at gunpoint in order to learn his deepest secrets. S7 Ep7
22:25 Welcome To The Family repeat
A visit by Lisette's grandmother Lita draws Molly and Caroline into a Hernandez family web of lies. Final. S1 Ep9
18:00 3 News
3 News presents comprehensive coverage of global and local news.
18:30 3D Investigates TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd
Fifteen years ago, Colin Bouwer was jailed for poisoning his wife to death. But did he do it? In this 3D Investigates, Phil Vine talks to international medical experts who dispute the jury's finding.
19:00 Dancing With The Stars NZ hd on demand
New Episode. '80's Week' sees the remaining couples samba, cha-cha and foxtrot their way through the next round. S6 Ep11
20:30 Westside TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd on demand
New Episode. The season finale sees Ted and Rita realise they have raised a problem child. But how to do deal with him? They both have the answer... Final. S1 Ep6
21:30 Rush TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd5.1 Dolby Digital on demand
New Episode. Rush and Alex plan a weekend together without realising Rush's ex and her new boyfriend will also be in attendance. S1 Ep6
22:25 Sound Of My Voice TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeathd5.1 Dolby Digital
A journalist and his girlfriend pose as believers to infiltrate a secretive cult and meet its enigmatic leader, and plunge into a psychological maelstrom of uncertainty and danger. Starring Christopher Denham, Nicole Vicius, and Brit Marling. (2011)