Tonight's Schedule

17:00 Big Time Rush repeat
A comedy series about friendship and brotherhood that chronicles the finding, making and breaking of a potential chart-topping music group.
17:30 Mr. Young
Adam Young is headed to the ninth grade - for the second time. Having completed it in 35 minutes the first time around, he now joins the students of Finnegan as a high school science teacher.
Only Fry can save Earth when evil brains from another world plot to make everyone stupid. S3 Ep7
18:30 Slide Show on demand
New Episode. Hosted by Grant Denyer, and feature Kiwi comedian Cal Wilson and Australian comedian Toby Truslove, Slide Show sees two teams of personalities battle it out in a series of improvisations. S1 Ep6
19:30 All New Glee on demand
New Episode. Conclusion. Sue attempts to mend a relationship that she mistakenly thinks needs it, while Kitty tries to help Rachel find the perfect set list for the invitational. S6 Ep5
20:30 Summer Horror: Land Of The Dead repeat
A harrowing vision of a modern-day world where the walking dead roam an uninhabited wasteland and the living try to lead 'normal' lives behind the walls of a fortified city. Starring Academy Award-nominee Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo. (2005)
22:25 Friends With Benefits repeat
Ben pines for his past relationship with Sara while he's going through a rough patch. Sara, meanwhile, lies to her boyfriend when he questions her about Ben. S1 Ep12
18:00 3 News
3 News presents comprehensive coverage of global and local news.
19:00 Family Movie: Kung Fu Panda 2 TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd
On his first big challenge since becoming the Dragon Warrior, Po must lead his friends and fellow kung fu masters on a mission of epic proportions to defeat his most threatening rival yet. Featuring the voices of Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, and Dustin Hoffman. (2011)
20:55 Sunday Movie: This Is 40 TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd5.1 Dolby Digital
Comedy powerhouse Judd Apatow writes and directs this follow-up to his mega-hit Knocked Up. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprise their roles from that film, playing a married couple who have reached an age in life when people start to reconsider some of the choices they've made. Also starring Albert Brooks and Megan Fox. (2012)