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Ep6: Goddesses, Axl, Come in all Forms


Road trip!When an old woman, Selma Hansen, getting killed by a meteorite sparks an Oracular reaction in Olaf, the boys mount up and Axl, Anders and Olaf are off to Whangamaungamoa, in heartland New Zealand.But the Goddesses have had a similar reaction to the event and Michele and Ingrid are also on the road, heading for the same place.

Thus it is that there is the first face-to-face summit meeting of Gods and Goddesses, outside the church where Selma’s funeral is being held.May the best deity win, is the general consensus, as the two sides set about following any signs of the Frigg being here.Instead who they find is Thor, God of War, in the form of Derrick, a goat farmer.

This is a problem for both sides, because Thor is clearly barking mad – and also very scary, with his hammer in his hand.But Thor is thrilled to find Odin/Axl is in his house and announces that their search is over because his daughter, Delphine, is, in fact, Frigg.This, in turn, is a problem for Axl because Delphine is definitely not the woman he had in mind as his soul-mate forever.

Thor ousts the rest of the Gods/Goddesses so that he may spend time with Odin – and so that Axl can get it on with Delphine.This leaves Anders free to kindle a relationship with Michele; and for Olaf and Ingrid, the Goddess Oracle, to bond over vodka and a spa pool.This leaves Axl alone, on the farm, to incur the wrath of Thor, after Axl realises Delphine is not Frigg.Thor does not take the news well and it takes Anders on a rescue mission, plus Axl growing some Odin-like balls, for them to get out of there alive.

Ty, meanwhile, has declined to go on the road trip, so he is in Auckland when a panicked Dawn rings – she’s at Anders’ apartment, feeding his fish, and Anders’ fridge has died!Ty takes advantage ofbeing the white knight here to bond with Dawn, but when he gets the impression she not only sees him as a ‘friend’ but, thanks to some lies from Anders, as a ‘gay friend’, Ty hits the roof – and in doing so Dawn learns that not only is Ty not gay, but he regards her as someone he could fall for in a big way.After some initial confusion, it seems that she feels the same way about him – and they kiss, there in Anders’ apartment.

The next morning finds Dawn and Ty, together in the apartment, after a night of love-making – and of Ty watching her sleep, lest she feels the cold he emanates in his passion.When Dawn assures him that she doesn’t feel the cold, Ty is the happiest man on the planet.

This is more than can be said for Anders’ tropical fish, as they have succumbed to Ty’s global-cooling characteristics.When Anders returns to his apartment after the failed Frigg hunt he finds they have been replaced by a box of fish fingers – a message from Ty about telling lies.

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