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Ep8: I Can Give You Frigg


Fun and games on both Gods and Goddesses as the hunt for Frigg intensifies.With Olaf as his unpaid slave, Anders is running bogus news stories to lure her into the open; while Stacey is on the ground, checking out leads from Ingrid’s genealogical research.In amongst all this Anders and Michele are playing their flirty little powers games.It is into these that Anders drops in the question of what might happen if and when the Goddesses find Frigg – how will they keep her away from Axl/Odin?Will they kill her?Imprison her?And what does Michele stand to gain if/when they find her?She’ll still be a ‘minor’ Goddess, right?In this way Anders’ tantalizes Michele with the possibility that together they might change the traditional order of things.

In her searching, checking out a lead at a butcher’s shop, Stacey feels the full-on effect of the Goddess rush – the one that says you’re in the presence of a major deity – whe nshe claps eyes on Eva, a butcher and singer/songwriter.She goes to Michele with the news that she thinks she’s found Frigg.Keeping this news from Agnetha for now, the two of them track Eva down to one of her gigs, where Michele too gets the rush.Frigg ahoy!

Armed with the (secret) information that they have found Frigg, Michele leads a coup of Goddesses against Agnetha’s leadership.But when Ingrid proves the weak link in the rebel force and gives up the secret, Michele is forced to turns to Anders for an alliance – if he was telling the truth about them working together to change the old celestial power structures, then she can lead him to Frigg.Anders assures her that he was – and they swear a blood oath.

But Agnetha gets to Eva first – and offers her money to leave the country.But Eva refuses, so Agnetha departs, apparently defeated.Then, armed with information from Ingrid, she heads to a luxurious mansion, where she meets a man – Colin Gundersen; Eva’s father.They are in agreement that Eva is a very special person indeed.

Meanwhile Anders brings Axl to see Eva perform.And the moment Axl lays eyes on her he feels the Goddess rush like nothing ever seen before – it blows the lights in the club.Anders celebrates – hallelujah, we’ve found her!

Mike, meanwhile, is also experiencing a change in the order of things; as Valerie mounts a successful campaign to have Rob moved out of the nursing home and to live with them. When Anders also turns up at his house, ostensibly to help Rob sell his story to the media, Mike starts to get the feeling that this is all going to go terribly wrong.This feeling worsens as he watches Val and Rob fall into the easy couple relationship they had back when they were all much younger.Anders is deliberately fanning the flames here, trying to get Mike to wake up to the fact that he only ever got together with Valerie out of guilt over what happened to Rob.Anders’ take is that marrying Valerie was the biggest mistake of Mike’s life, and by the time Valerie and Rob head off on a trip back to Dannevirke for a news story about the miraculous recovery Mike is a deeply troubled man.

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