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10 Most Expensive Football World Cup Stars Homes

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#10 Ricardo Kaka - $3 Million

Ricardo Kaka's Madrid mansion was purcahsed in 2009 when he signed for Real Madrid from AC Milan. He resides close to other teammates.

#9 Andre Iniesta - $4.6 Million

Look closely - Iniesta had his family name engraved across the front of the mansion - which also comprises a chapel. Surprisingly, despite this, the home was reportedly haunted so the house was put up for sale. Wonder how much work was required to replace the name.

#8 Mario Ballotelli $5 Million

Nicknamed Super Mario by his fans, Ballotelli's beautiful mansion is actually available for rent - if you can cough up the £13,495 a month.

#7 Frank Lampard - $7 Million

Located on more than three acres of land, Lampard's sprawling estate includes a guest house, tennis court, swimming pool, putting green and boat dock. The house itself includes nine bedrooms and twelve bathrooms!

#6 Cristiano Ronaldo - $7.2 Million

This sprawling 8600-square-foot mansion boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms (one each for inhabitants, one extra for guests?), a trophy room and kids' playrooms. Like Iniesta, Cristiano has his initials adorning various surfaces. He also owns a $6 Million home in Cheshire, England purchased in 2006, in which it is rumoured a larger than life picture of himself hangs.

#5 John Terry - $7.5 Million

The 10-bedroom property's most interesting features are a 34-seat cinema and an underground aquarium!

#4 Lionel Messi - $8 Million

He's won the FIFA Ballon D'or four times as is considered possibly the best player on the planet. His love of the beautiful game extends to his home which was specifically designed to resemble a football from above!

#3 Wayne Rooney - $24 Million

The estate sprawls over 20 acres - more than enough space for Rooney and his wife to raise their family.

#2 Didier Drogba - $28 Million

The Cote d'Ivoire star's net worth is $90 Million so it's no surprise his luxurious grand mansion reflects this!

#1 David Beckham - $60 Million

No surprises here - The Beckhams' famous "Beckingham Palace" was sold recently for $24 Million in order to purchase this beautiful new home in Kensington & Chelsea. A further $10 Million has been set aside for additional renovations.

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