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What The Hell Does NASA Stand For? - Outtake

Chopper has the answer to what NASA really stands for.

Chopper's Epic Meltdown!

Warning: Explicit Content. What got Chopper so hilariously upset?


Reluctant Racism Road Rage!

Chopper shares a hilarious story of his roadside confrontation.

Housing Crisis A Winz Winz Situation

What housing crisis? Why we should embrace living life in the backseat of a car.


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Caption That (Episode 17)

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Guest Who!

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300kg bacon

300Kg Bacon

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yeah nah

Yeah Nah

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OUTTAKES: Caption That (Episode 11)

Caption That

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OUTTAKES: Guest Who?

Guest Who

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OUTTAKES: Stadiums and Planes

Stadiums and Planes

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Pink Jersey

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OUTTAKES: Captions


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Drunk News

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OUTTAKES: News Theatre

News Theatre

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