5 Hot Food Trends for 2013

5 Hot Food Trends for 2013

Here are just 5 of the latest food trends to appear in 2013...

1. Duck Eggs
Chefs are moving out of the henhouse, ditching chicken eggs in favour of their larger—and tastier—siblings:duck eggs. Chefs are finding there's an ultimate richness to the duck egg that's just so much better. Don't waste their depth of flavour on a harsh scramble. Try baking one in a ramekin over sautéed spinach until the whites are set to see what the pros are quacking about.

2. DIY Yoghurt
Homemade yoghurt is creamier and less tangy than the store-bought stuff. Plus, despite all those counter-hogging devices you've seen, it requires no special equipment to make—just a little patience. With your own jar in the fridge, we predict it'll work its way into your salad dressings, chicken marinades, or rich stews. Get our recipe for the easiest homemade version ever right here.

3 Gochujang
The Korean chilli paste gochujang is catching fire outside of Korea. Think bold miso meets your favourite hot sauce. Dab it on egg sandwiches or as a condiment on burgers, toss with chicken wings, or try it in a Korean bibimbap.

4. Fernet-Branca
The Italian digestive Fernet-Brancais, the after-work shot of choice among those who make drinks. We also apply it to our cocktails to lend an astringency or roundness. So if you’re looking for a new drink to try, give it a go.

5. Fresh Horseradish
Horseradish has recently begun appearing on a lot of menus, adding a peppery hit to ceviches, as a garnish for short ribs, or as a topping for smoked salmon tartines. It's part of the mustard family—like wasabi, which shares its nose-tingling bite. And if you've only ever had the stuff from the jar, now's the time to branch out. Buy a root the size of a large carrot, peel, and use a grater to turn it into fluffy shavings, then employ it in any or all of the ideas above.

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