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Urzila is the Key To Olympic Glory!

Our Olympic team needs Urzila calling the shots to guarantee success at this year's Rio games.


Russia Recruiting Dolphins For New Army?

All flippers on deck! Russia appear to be building a new maritime military.

The Cookie Bear Controversy - News Theatre

Is the cute cookie bear mascot endangering the health of our children? Dai's Father Ray Henwood makes a special appearance in this game of News Theatre!


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The Robo-Doctor Will See You Now

Added: 5 months ago

NZ On Air Bromance Shout Out

Added: 6 months ago

Two A Year

Added: 9 months ago

Caption That (Episode 17)

Added: 10 months ago

Guest Who!

Added: 10 months ago

300kg bacon

300Kg Bacon

Added: 1 year ago

yeah nah

Yeah Nah

Added: 1 year ago

OUTTAKES: Caption That (Episode 11)

Caption That

Added: 1 year ago

OUTTAKES: Guest Who?

Guest Who

Added: 1 year ago

OUTTAKES: Stadiums and Planes

Stadiums and Planes

Added: 1 year ago


Added: 1 year ago

Pink Jersey

Added: 1 year ago

OUTTAKES: Captions


Added: 1 year ago

Drunk News

Added: 1 year ago

OUTTAKES: News Theatre

News Theatre

Added: 1 year ago