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A Bit Like Buses Really: Season 3, Episode 11

A Bit Like Buses Really: The Almighty Johnsons, Season 3, Episode 11

Zeb is not happy, as he lectures Axl. He is sure that when Mike took a look at the photo of Frigg and her brother as children, that he got a scent that will lead him with Ullr-power straight to her door. Zeb fears that the pretender to the throne will get there ahead before the rightful Odin and claim the girl. But Axl is a man on the move – he has his own plan to get there first.

But Zeb is right, Mike is on the move, heading out on a mission. At first he suffers something of a setback as he finds his car has been crushed by a vengeful Michele, but eventually he makes his way to a house where the man we know as Martin opens the door. Martin is upset at seeing Mike here, but Mike is adamant – he knows she lives here. When Mike manages to gain entrance to the house, a strange thing happens as he steps across the threshold – he gets sent instantly back to his bar. Most strange.

Axl, meanwhile, is gathering momentum in his plan – and gathering Anders along the way. The plan is to get Anders to use his Bragi power at the rest home to get Frederick’s next-of-kin and, therefore to lead them to his daughter, Frigg. Unfortunately Axl’s plan hadn’t counted on Anders getting distracted by his Unfulfilled Fantasy #2: hot identical twin nurses.

Over on his plan, Mike is momentarily stalled by his mysterious teleportation – and by Ty, who is worried about Mike’s state of mind. Ty’s fears are not allayed by the revelation that Mike has been considering for a while the possibility that Ullr is actually Odin by another way. Eventually Mike finds his way back to the house, where he identifies Martin as Frigg’s brother and gains access to her room before…

Mike is suddenly transported back to the bar, where he finds Olaf waiting; the latest of his relatives to question Mike’s sanity. But Mike has no time for such matter and wants to know about the teleportation thing.  Olaf identifies this as the work of Heimdall, the God who can access all the realms – and a very dangerous man to have as an opponent.

Axl’s search has (eventually) led him and Anders to a halfway house for the mentally bewildered.  Anders refuses to go in to such a place, leaving Axl to venture forth alone.  In a room upstairs, Martin’s room, he finds some runs on the wall and some Scrabble tiles spelling out the word VILIVE. Anders, meanwhile, gets distracted (again) from this Quest by the fact Michele is in his apartment, apparently wearing very little clothing. When he finally gets there he finds that she is looking for the next step in her revenge on Mike: the revenge fuck of a brother.  But what Michele gets, instead of a knobbing, is the news that Mike is going after Frigg.

Mike’s latest attempt to get past Heimdall sees him trying to turn it into a game. But Martin isn’t playing and eventually he manages to send Mike back to the bar – where, this time, Michele is waiting. Michele wants to know the real reason they broke up – was it because of Frigg? Mike denies this, but to Michele his words sound hollow. This drives her back to Anders – where the revenge fuck gets well and truly underway.

Axl has brought Ingrid to the halfway house, to decipher the runes. This she manages but they seem to be an affirmation to Heimdall, rather than anything significant. Likewise the failure to understand the word VILIVE leaves Axl at a very unsatisfactory dead-end. It is only when he take the tiles to the brains-trust of Zeb, Olaf and Stacey that he gets the answers – Vilive is, in fact, the name of a bridal shop.

Mike, meanwhile, enlists Ty to help turn the pursuit of Frigg into a game, and to get past Martin and to get him to lead them to her. When they follow him, in a game of Follow The Leader, as he teleports out of the house, Mike and Ty find themselves in a bridal shop, where they are the first to lay eyes on the Frigg they have sought all this time.

Outside, Axl is arriving with Olaf, Zeb, Ingrid and Stacey. When they walk in, they are at first gutted to see Mike and Ty already there.  But then Frigg (real name Hanna) enters, and everyone is stunned – she is the same woman Axl turned into, for a short period, a long time ago. Hanna, for her part, is confused: she’s lived her whole life expecting one Odin to turn up, but now there appear to be two – is this right?  All eyes turn to Mike – yes, he would lay claim to that throne.

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