ANTONIA PREBBLE (plays Loretta West)

ANTONIA PREBBLE (plays Loretta West)

Antonia Prebble has an extensive list of television credits having won her first professional acting job at the age of 12 in the children’s series Mirror Mirror 2. 

In the same year, she appeared in an episode of A Twist in the Tale for Cloud 9. The young actress impressed the producers at Cloud 9 and in 1998 she won a core cast role in the cult kids’ series The Tribe. Antonia worked fulltime on the first series of The Tribe, which coincided with her fourth form year at school.  But she didn’t want to give up school during the all-important fifth, sixth and seventh form years so for the following three series of The Tribe, Antonia studied fulltime during the school term and shot The Tribe during her school holidays.

After leaving school, Antonia appeared in the final series of The Tribe and also did a year-long stint presenting long-running children’s show, What Now?.  At the time she was also studying law at Wellington’s Victoria University.

In March and April of 2003, Antonia and several of the other cast members from The Tribe traveled to Europe for a promotional tour.  When the tour was over, Antonia returned home to Wellington to continue her studies, changing from an LLB to an Arts degree.

After filming the first series of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE in 2005, Antonia appeared in a new series of Power Rangers (which is filmed in New Zealand), as well as two local children’s series’ – The Lost Children and Jandals Away.

And in late 2007, in the break between filming for the third and fourth series of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, Antonia traveled to Europe, America and South America with her co-star Siobhan Marshall (who plays Pascalle West).

Antonia lives in Auckland and is currently studying part-time for her Bachelor of Arts.

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