Alexandra Krosney (as Kristin Baxter)

Alexandra Krosney (as Kristin Baxter)

Alexandra Krosney Character Biography

Kristin Baxter is an independent 20-year-old single mother constantly fighting her urge to take a nap. Between chasing around her baby, Boyd, and working at the diner, Kristin rarely has a moment to herself. Recently, she moved back in with her family, which has allowed Kristin to have the luxury of free child care. She is still sleep deprived, but Kristin can now enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet a day. At least until Mike comes home.

Alexandra Krosney Biography

A native Californian, Alexandra Krosney fell in love with acting at musical theater camp as a child.

After doing several independent films, plays and working as a model, she got her first role on the sitcom The Grubbs, starring alongside Randy Quaid, Carol Kane and Michael Cera.

Krosney went on to work on such TV shows as ER, Bones, Without A Trace (appearing twice, as two different characters), NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI, Lost and Nikita. She also recently appeared on the comedy Surviving Suburbia, with Bob Saget and Cynthia Stevenson, and can currently be heard as the voice of Sierra on the animated hit series, Transformers: Prime.

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