Alice and Caleb

Alice and Caleb

Alice and Caleb Pearson love to plan and have a lot of energy to make it happen. Project manager Caleb has been with Alice for five years, married for the last three, and while they have no children, youth worker Alice has a schedule in mind and says they are in the pipeline in the next few years.

Both 26 years old, they are extremely driven, and when it comes to DIY they have plenty of experience – they have already completed three renovations in Auckland on very tight budgets! Alice and Caleb's Photo AlbumThey say they make a great team: Caleb puts in the hard graft, while Alice polishes and paints, and when it comes to design, Alice calls the shots.

Design Style
'Contemporary French Country'. Alice loves to trawl through magazines and show rooms for inspiration.

Biggest DIY no no?
Alice says, "Definitely playing it safe."
Caleb says, "Biggest DIY no no would have to be forgetting that less is more!"

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