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Because we’re going for simple we have to execute it very well.

Alisa and Koan

Alisa and Koan

Alisa Keall-Grant and Koan Vette may only be 23 and 25 but they have packed a lot in to their three years together. When Alisa isn't working as a PR Consultant and Koan isn't wrangling animals for the family business, they can usually be found up late renovating their old Auckland villa.

They love the outdoors. Alisa is a water baby who shares Koan's passion for the outdoors. Together they love exploring and discovering new places, and say some of their happiest times Alisa and Koan's photo albumcome when they load the chilly bin and Syd (their dog) in the car and see where the road takes them.

Design Style
They both love modern and classic homes and believe in renovating a home true to its original period but with a contemporary twist.

What's the biggest DIY no no?
Alisa says, "Tacky, garish pieces of era furniture that fade from popularity quickly."
Koan says, "Using cheap materials that won't stand the test of time and trying to cut corners."

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