Ana Tuigamala As Grace Anglesea

Ana Tuigamala As Grace Anglesea

Harry’s mum, Grace, who raised him solo since his father’s premature death, is the rock, the stable player in Harry’s life. Church-going and caring, Grace has temporarily taken in Harry and Mele into her house following Sina’s death. During the day, she works at a factory as a packer when her granddaughter is at school.

Grace, who often speaks Samoan to Harry, is a patient and strong woman who will always love Harry - no matter what - but she’s somewhat overprotective and indulgent, always allowing her son to do as he pleases, without confronting him.

Actress Ana Tuigamala repeats as Oscar Kightley’s mother in HARRY, as she was also previously cast as his mother in SIONE’S WEDDING.

An accomplished television actress, Ana has also worked in productions such as SHORTLAND STREET, OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNES, THE MARKET and GOOD HANDS.

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