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And Then On to Norsewood: Season 3, Episode 6

And Then On to Norsewood: The Almighty Johnsons, Season 3, Episode 6

Axl is still on the road with his father, Joe, allegedly sorting out his life en route to Norsewood. However, they appear mainly to be having heaps of touristy fun. Meanwhile, in Auckland, Zeb is not a happy lease-holder. This in turn is making Mike unhappy because Zeb is hassling him to cover Axl’s rent. Axl, for his part doesn't care at all about this, and is in fact strongly considering never coming back at all.

Over at j:pr the Colin Gundersen for Mayor campaign is about to launch. Dawn has many misgivings about what they’re doing – from Anders recruiting models as staff, through to the fact they have no actual policies. And Dawn, it would seem, is the most passionate one of all about this campaign – a fact that Colin seems to appreciate mightily; which, in turn, causes Anders to worry that his obedient assistant is falling under Loki’s gaze.

Meanwhile Mike and Michele are not enjoying their lives right now. In the wake of Axl’s departure Mike is not only paying for the upkeep on Axl’s flat, but also to bring in builders to work on the bar renovations. He is, in short, haemorrhaging money. Michele, for her part, is hating living with her mother, and is frustrated that the Goddesses are doing stuff all in advancing the cause of Goddess power. Luckily they have other people to steer them onwards.

Thus it is that, spurred on by Olaf, Mike finds himself trying to control his Ullr powers and not win too obviously in a dodgy card game. Michele finds herself with Ingrid, meeting Bevan, one of the ex-God-hunters, who now wants her to use her healing-powers to cure his sister. Michele declines at first, but Ingrid persuades her that maybe getting some worshippers of their own, will enable the Goddesses to rise.

Axl’s journey home with Joe hits a major snag when Joe wants to take him fishing – aboard a Korean long-liner heading for the Ross Sea. Axl refuses as he wants to carry on their chosen path, but the call of the sea is too strong in Joe and again he abandons his son.

The end of a very busy day for the Johnson clan (and associates) sees: Mike and Olaf barely escaping with their lives (but also with the money) from the card game; Michele and Ingrid launched into the world of faith-healing; and Dawn launched as the face of Colin’s campaign – and possibly much more, much to Anders’ ongoing concerns.

And after accepting a ride from a mysterious stranger, Axl finds himself abandoned in a small town. When he wanders into the nearest pub and learns the town is Whangamaungamoa Axl gets a feeling of dread – with good reason it seems, as the very next thing that happens is Derrick/Thor staggers into the bar and throws up at his feet.

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