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Tuesday 28 May 2013 18:09. Viewed: 3713 times

BLOG: Sorry NZ, This One Is On You

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By Alessandra Nixon

Last night’s Live Results saw the shock elimination of Taye Williams, the first contestant to be sent home based on the public vote. There were tears backstage as the judges, contestants and crew all said their goodbyes. We are only in week two and from here it’s going to get much harder to see people go. If we keep going like this, production will need to set up a Kleenex and Prozac station backstage on Monday nights!

The decision to send Taye home shocked everyone. After ending up in the bottom two for the second week in a row, it seemed certain that L.O.V.E would be packing their bags. Their performance at the Live Results show seemed certain to have sealed their fate. I love Stacy and Toni but that was unpolished and unprofessional - they forgot the words to their own survival song! However, our man in plaid threw a spanner in the works when he opted to send Taye home. The deadlock between the judges pushed the decision to a public vote and once again L.O.V.E had the numbers. Stan was on in feet in shock and he wasn’t the only one.

Daniel said that his decision wasn’t based on the performance, more on charisma and ability to hold interest. Given half the chance, it seems likely that Bedingfield would have voted both acts off The X Factor Island. He made it clear that he was disappointed in both, L.O.V.E and Taye’s performances and it is possible that this was a strategic decision.

We were all shocked by Daniel’s choice but at the end of the day it wasn’t him that sent Taye home. Sorry New Zealand, this one is on you. L.O.V.E will be back next week because more people voted for them. Pretty simple really. The outpouring of support for Taye in the past 24 hours has been amazing but you’re a little late to the party people. Listening to people complain about eliminations is a little like listening to people complain about a tax hike after they didn’t bother to vote. As Stan said, make sure you vote. If this week has taught us anything it is that no one is safe.

Best of luck for the future Taye – you’ll be sorely missed by the whole X Factor team! It was awesome to have him on the show. Make sure you follow him on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with what he’s up to.

We’ll be back on Sunday with Best of British, in honor of Queen’s Birthday weekend. What songs are you hoping to hear?

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