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Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson

Character bio:

Bart Simpson is misunderstood. Wrongly pegged as an underachiever and troublemaker, Bart would like to remind the world of some of his decent qualities: He looks out for his sister, Lisa; he's befriended outcasts and misfits like Milhouse Van Houten and Ralph Wiggum; he's injected romance into the life of his teacher, Edna Krabappel; and he brought down an illegal French winery during his brief semester abroad. So what if he's also befouled the Springfield Community Church with phony hymns or prank-called Moe's Tavern several times a day for the last few years? It all balances out, right? At age 10, Bart has managed to live out a number of dreams: He has starred in his own short-lived TV series (with his idol, Krusty the Clown), spotted and named a deadly comet that nearly destroyed his town, and almost snagged the role of Fallout Boy in the Radioactive Man movie. He couldn't have done any of those things without the help and support of his best friend, Santa's Little Helper.

Actor bio:

Emmy Award®-winning actress Nancy Cartwright is best known as the voice of spike-headed underachiever Bart Simpson on The Simpsons, but also gives voice to Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz, Todd Flanders and various others in the town of Springfield. She also embraced these characters for the big screen in the worldwide smash hit The Simpsons Movie.

In addition to her work on The Simpsons, Cartwright portrays "Chuckie" in the cable series Rugrats, as well as "Rufus the Naked Mole Rat" in the cable series Kim Possible. With over two decades at the mike, Cartwright has lent her voice to characters on various other animated series, including Richie Rich, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, The Critic, God, The Devil and Bob, Mike, Lu & Og, as well as Chuck Jones’ final work, Timberwolf.

While rarely seen in the world of voice actor, Cartwright is not camera shy. She has portrayed memorable roles in numerous television series and movies, including Fame, Empty Nest, Cheers, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Twilight Zone - The Movie and Godzilla as well as the lead in the TV movie Marian Rose White.

Cartwright received an Emmy Award® and an Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Voice-Over Performance as Bart Simpson. They are displayed alongside the multiple Simpsons Emmys®; her Emmys® for Animaniacs and Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain; a People’s Choice Award; and the DramaLogue Award she received for her one-woman play, In Search of Fellini.

Cartwright was recognized by the Houston Film Festival for her original series The Kellys, when she received the Silver Award acknowledging the excellent work of her company, SportsBlast, and partner Turner Broadcasting in debuting The Kellys on SportsBlast's animated series, SportsScopes, airs on NASCAR Nextel Cup tracks and on the web.

Cartwright actively supports many nonprofit organizations that help children, including Famous Fone Friends, The Make-a-Wish Foundation, The Way to Happiness Foundation and World Literacy Crusade, in addition to her own non-profit organization, Happy House. She is a member of Women in Film, ASIFA – The International Animation Society, Women in Animation and The Chouinard Foundation.

Cartwright's best-selling autobiography, My Life as a Ten-Year-Old Boy (Hyperion/Bloomsbury), takes a behind-the-scenes look at her unique life as it relates to the phenomenon of The Simpsons. She recorded an updated version of the autobiography, which was released as an audio book in 2004.

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