Beer Battered Fish Sandwich

Beer battered fish sandwich


By Sarah and Danny, episode 10


4 Tarakihi fillets
1 bottle of Stoke golden lager
200 grams self-raising flower
1 bottle rice bran oil
1 loaf of crusty bread
2 garlic cloves
2 lemons
1 red onion
2 tomatoes
1 bunch of coriander
1 cucumber
1 red capsicum


  1. Mix the chilled beer with the flour and a large pinch of salt quite lightly so as not to lose the gas, season and place the fish fillets into the batter.

  2. Bring the oil to temperature, check by dropping in some batter, it should bubble and float to the surface. Once the oil is hot enough, place the fish fillets in the oil and deep fry for 10 minutes until crisp and golden brown.

  3. Remove from the oil, dry on some paper towel and season with some flaked sea salt.

  4. Slice 8 thick pieces of bread, mix finely chopped garlic and the zest and juice of one lemon into the mayonnaise and spread on the bread.

  5. Finely dice the onion, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, and coriander and dress with the juice of the other lemon. Place the fish onto the bread and top generously with the fresh salsa. Serve wrapped in newspaper.

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