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Friday 19 September 2014 07:10.

Ben Boyce

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After working in radio, Ben started making the TV show Pulp Sport in a kitchen flat on a borrowed computer.

Confusing his skinny frame for that of a malnourished student, TV3 execs took pity on wee Ben and chucked Pulp Sport on prime-time where it became a top rater and two-time winner of Best Comedy at the TV awards.

Ben has also won the TV Guide Award for ‘Funniest Person on TV’ and the Wednesday night ‘Meat Raffle’ at his local pub. He’s also hosted two series of the comedy show WANNA-BEn, the Vodafone NZ Music Awards twice, a Japanese billet when he was 13 and is now is co-hosting Rock Drive alongside his other wife, Jono Pryor.

Now into his fifth season of Jono and Benn, where he's the Ben bit, he's set his sights on becoming the new Briscoe’s lady.

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Meet The Presenters