Tips and Picks from Your Favourite Comedian

Ever wondered what comedians find funny themselves? Well we wondered as much ourselves, so we've asked your favourite 7Days regulars to tell us their Picks for this year's Comedy Festival and also a few tips on how to avoid being picked on, on the night.

Check back each week for new tips and picks from your 7Days comics.

Ben Hurley's Tips and Picks

Ben Hurley's tips and picks for the Comedy Festival 2012
  • Drink plenty of water, just not too much as you don't want to get up during the show, you'll get the piss taken out of you (no pun intended)

  • Go for a drink at The Classic Comedy Bar. Even if the show you're watching isn't at The Classic, you should always go and check out the iconic Hub of New Zealand Comedy and soak up the festival atmosphere

  • Go and see shows mid week (Tuesday, Wednesday) the weekends get too busy. Have a laugh on a school night.

  • Laugh out loud. The comedians can't hear smiles

And Ben's Picks for the Comedy Festival are:

Craig Campbell - New Show

Steve Hughes - Heavy Metal Comedy

Rose Matafeo - Scouts Honour

Jason John Whitehead - Letters from Mindy

Urzila Carlson - I'm going to need a second opinion

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