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Beyonce's weird pregnancy cravings!

Beyonce's pregnancy food cravings

By Shinead Cooke

Pregnancy food cravings are nothing new, but Beyonce's cravings are!

Rumour has it she has been craving such concoctions as Oreo cookies with gherkins and Bounty coconut ice cream with hot chilli sauce! Yuk! Another favourite is apparently bananas dipped in tomato ketchup. Now that sounds really disgusting, but at least she's getting her 5-a-day!

And for breakfast? Well pregnant Beyonce goes for croissants with melted chocolate bars stuffed inside, all washed down with gallons of ginger beer. That baby is going to be very well fed! Especially considering Jay-Z is ensuring his wife gets whatever she wants whenever she wants by employing lots of staff to be on-call to satisfy those food cravings. On a recent trip to Italy, the couple had 11 staff on board their luxury yacht to cater to their every need. And needless to say those staff got pretty annoyed with all the demands!

But hubby Jay-Z has also been helping his wife get all her nutritional needs by turning his hand to cooking. A source has revealed that the rapper is actually a very good cook and has been taking turns in the kitchen to whip up some delicious meals for his pregnant wife.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Had any strange food cravings like Beyonce?

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