Black Betty’s Cafe - Betty's Breakfast stack


Black Betty’s Cafe -
Betty's Breakfast stack

Layered potato cake, with sautéed spinach and field mushrooms, a soft poached egg topped with pesto hollandaise. Garnished with bacon twirls.

Layered potato cake
Boil off potatoes until just soft, cool and then thinly slice. Layer slices in baking tray so over lapping. In between each layer put splashes of cream and melted butter plus grated cheese salt and pepper. Once you have four to five layers place baking paper over top and press firm. Bake in oven for 40 to 45 minutes.


12 egg yolks
2 tblsp wholegrain mustard
Lemon juice
White wine vinegar
1 block of butter
1 tblsp of basil pesto
Add salt and pepper to taste

Field mushrooms
Place in baking tray whole, cover with oil, salt pepper and dried Italian herbs. Cover with foil and roast in oven for 20mins.


Heat pan, add tblsp of butter and sauté spinach with a touch of lemon juice and salt and pepper.

Bacon twirls
Free range bacon wrapped around steel pipes, cooked in oven for 20mins or until crispy.

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