About Both Worlds

This season is about an exciting new group of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds who are tackling their fears, their pasts and their futures head on. From a Romanian orphan to a Muslim drag queen, the fourth series of this cutting edge show presents deeply personal stories that challenge stereotypes and provide insights into communities we rarely see on screen.

Each episode introduces one entertaining young first, second, third or fourth generation New Zealander as they turn a camera on themselves to share life-changing journeys that will see them pushed to their emotional limits. A refreshingly-varied mix of stories that tackle everything from the popular to the profound, Both Worlds is at once funny, fascinating and moving while broaching the tough cultural and identity questions.

Witness the surprisingly universal struggles of a broad spectrum of Kiwis as our participants seek to define themselves as New Zealanders. Both Worlds is the most candidly fresh, fun and compelling look at the changing face of our nation on television.

About Both Worlds

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Season 4 Ep9

BOTH WORLDS - Season 4 Ep 9

Filipino-Kiwi chef William challenges the Filipino community when he attempts to modernise their traditional cuisine and turn it into a modern fine dining degustation. S4 Ep9

Season 4 Ep7

BOTH WORLDS - Season 4 Ep 7

Medulla Oblongata, a 29-year-old Maldivian-Kiwi refugee, seeks to combine his two passions - human rights activism and drag. S4 Ep7

Season 4 Ep6

BOTH WORLDS - Season 4 Ep 6

21-year-old Zimbabwean-Kiwi Makanaka (Maka)Tuwe is on a mission to radically change New Zealanders’ perceptions of Africans by banding together young Africans to spread a positive image among the media. S4 Ep6

Season 4 Ep 5

BOTH WORLDS - Season 4 Ep 5

Columbian refugee Daniel Salazar sets out to reconnect with the local Columbian community in Wellington. S4 Ep5

Season 4 Ep 4

BOTH WORLDS - Season 4 Ep 4

Second generation Kiwi/Chinese photographer Megan Blackwell sets out to discover what it really means to be Chinese. S4 Ep4

Season 4 Ep 1

BOTH WORLDS - Season 4 Ep 1

Adopted from a Romanian orphanage, Daniela prepares for an emotionally traumatic return to a country she knows little about, on a mission to give back to other young orphans like herself. S4 Ep1

Season 4 Ep10

BOTH WORLDS - Season 4 Ep 10

Hip-hop dance, weightlifting and engineering collide as 17-year-old South African-Kiwi Leshego Mpe is forced to choose the direction her life will take. S4 Ep10

Season 3 Ep 10

BOTH WORLDS - Season 3 Ep 10

Talented chef Vicky, ‘The Dumpling Queen’ is opening a restaurant based on her mother’s dumpling recipes, but she must reconnect with her Chinese heritage to make the business a success.S3 Ep10