Brad and Lara


STYLE: TBC…they’re still deciding

When Brad and Lara, both 30, met five years ago in a pub near their home town of East Maitland in NSW they bonded over a common love of Bon Jovi, the Foo Fighters and sport. They have never looked back.

Soon afterwards this adventurous couple were heading to London and travelling to music festivals around Europe for the next two years. “That was by far the happiest time we’ve spent together and we can’t wait for the next adventure,” Lara says. “Our friends call us Peter Pan and Tinker Bell because we’re like the couple who’ll never grow up, such is our appetite for travel and music concerts.”

Now settled back in their mining town, Lara works as a physical education teacher at the local high school, while Brad works a fitter and machinist in one of the mines.

Like so many young Aussie couples they see renovating as the ticket to their future. They’ve jumped in boots and all, having already relocated and refurbished two houses on vacant land, as well as completing the renovation and extension of an old weatherboard house.

“We did all the painting, polished the floorboards, supervised all the plumbing and installed a new kitchen and bathroom,” says Lara. “Not to mention that it was done on a strict budget and carried out in just six months,” Brad declares. “It was our own mini-Block experience.”

When it comes to renovating, they agree that Lara is the more creative one, while Brad is the more practical. “Brad is very handy and always has a willingness to learn,” says Lara.

“I’m a jack of all trades but a master of none. We’ve still got a lot of learning to do and hopefully we can do that on The Block,” says Brad. “But if we do make it through the eliminations there’s one thing I’m going to miss out on which will hurt: a Foo Fighters concert I bought tickets for ages ago. Maybe Scott will give me the night off!”

Lara’s strengths lie in her determination and competitive streak. She runs to relax and used to play National League Netball for the Hunter Jaegers. “She’s got great organisational skills, but can become a little erratic and emotional if things start to go wrong,” Brad says.

Lara admits that Brad is the calm one, but thinks he gets distracted too easily and has a tendency to talk too much.

“We’re generally both really easygoing but when things aren’t going to plan I start to stress, whereas Brad will crack a beer, chat to all his mates, and eventually try to figure out a way to work around the problem,” says Lara.

The couple may have issues to resolve when it comes to deciding on a design theme, with Lara labelling her style as modern contemporary and Brad describing his as classic federation. “We’ll probably meet in the middle somewhere. That’s what usually happens. Doesn’t everyone?” asks Brad.

Aside from renovating, Lara and Brad, who played first grade rugby league until sidelined by injury four years ago, spend their weekends at home watching sport and gardening.

To them, The Block is just one more of their crazy adventures. If they win they plan to use the prizemoney to take an extended holiday to Canada and South America.

“I’d do anything wild and crazy to win money except maybe streaking at the MCG. Then again, maybe I would,” says Brad.

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