Meet The Bakers

Claire Hahn

Claire Hahn

Hometown: Auckland
Occupation: Stay at home mother of two (5 and 17 months)
Age: 31

Fashionista Claire brings a dash of glamour to the Home Baker competition this year. A former fashion stylist and buyer, she’s currently a stay at home mother to Oscar, aged five and Miley, 17 months old.

Claire learnt how to bake from her Mum who was a Home Economics Teacher. Her earliest memory of baking was making pikelets in the letter “C” at age 4, a tradition she carries on with her children.

She’s not confident she’ll take out the competition, but she is excited to learn from the other contestants.

She describes herself as dramatic. “I am the woman who bakes in her kitchen and talks to herself pretending she is on a cooking show”.

What inspired you to audition for CNZHHB?

A sense of fun and the opportunity to learn from the judges and other contestants.

What is your signature baking dish?
Retro classics with a modern spin.

What baked good would best describe your personality (and why!)?
Spun sugar – modern, glamorous and often hard to handle.

What is your ‘can’t-live-without’ baking tool in the kitchen?
The trusty old wooden spoon!

Finish this sentence: I am Chelsea New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker because……
Because my kids already think I am!

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Host & Judges

Colin Mathura-Jeffree

Colin Mathura-Jeffree

Colin Mathura-Jeffree is a model, actor, host, performer and general man-about-town. He is best known as the wild-haired, lamington-throwing judge on New Zealand’s Next Top Model and has consistently created a stir in the Home Baker kitchen for the last four series.

Dean Brettschneider

Dean Brettschneider

Dean Brettschneider is a professional baker and bakery entrepreneur. After completing his apprenticeship in New Zealand, he worked in the US, Britain, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, gaining experience in all areas of the baking world.

Julia Crownshaw

Julia Crownshaw

Julia is the founder of award winning dessert business, Dollop Puddings, a company founded on the art of baking. She began the business just three years ago with a friend, on her return from Europe.


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