TV3 Competitions

Blockaholic of the Week

Are You Our Block-a-holic Of The Week?

Submit photos of the DIY/reno projects you're proudest of and you could win a Blockaholic prize pack!

7 Days & Georgie Pie Comedy Apprentice

Are You The Next Comedy Apprentice?

Oi you! Funny Guy! (Or Gal) - enter now, or nominate your mate!

Jono and Ben tickets

Be In The Audience of Jono And Ben At Ten!

Simply tell us what your favourite moment from the show has been so far to enter the draw!

7 Days tickets

Win A Double Pass To A Live Taping of 7 Days!

Have a go at Caption That each week to enter the draw!

Four Competitions

Nurse jackie

Win Nurse Jackie on DVD

We have 3 Season 5 DVDs up for grabs!


Win A Double Pass To Into The Storm!

We have 20 double passes up for grabs!


Win A Double Pass To See the Inbetweeners Two!

We have 20 double passes up for grabs!

Win gig and event tickets with FOUR Entertainment Guide

Win Tickets to Gigs, Festivals and Events

Win tickets to upcoming concerts, gigs, festivals and more! Simply let us know which event you want to go to.

Don't forget to TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS who also love to win free stuff!