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Cycle 3, Ep 10 - Arohas Exit Interview

Cycle 3, Ep 10 - Arohas Exit Interview

Describe your Top Model Experience.
It was awesome, learnt a lot and it was mean to get to know all the girls... they are AWESOME!

If you could do that final shoot again, what would you do differently?

Ah... What shoot? Haha but nah, wouldn't do anything differently!

Was it strange returning home? How did your family and friends react?
It was a little strange, going back to normal life, but also good to be surrounded by loved ones... family were happy to see me.

Did your experiences in the house change you at all?
Umm, no, I learnt heaps but still remain the same person I was before the show.

Has anyone stopped you in the street or asked you about the show?
Haha yes!

Were you surprised that you didn’t win?
No, it was anyone's game and I knew that all along.

So what's next for you?
Hopefully I become a full-time model!

Has your experience made you want to model more, or less?
Want to model more!

What was the highlight of the competition?
Definitely meeting the girls, they are awesome.

Who were your favourite and least favourite people in the house?
I love all the girls!

What was your lowest point in the contest?
Probably being in the bottom two... I got real emotional, was not cool.

Finally, any last words for the other girls you shared this experience with?
You guys are freaking awesome, chur! Mean to share this experience with you guys.

Any last words for your fans around New Zealand?

Cheers you guys! Thanks for the support it's been amazing.

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