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Cycle 3, Ep 2 - Aminah's Exit Interview

Cycle 3, Ep 2 - Aminah's Exit Interview

Describe your Top Model Experience.
Hectic, great fun and lots of hard work but most of all epic.

If you could do that final shoot again, what would you do differently?
Maybe focus more on the product and not what I was wearing, though it was hard not to think about that.

Was it strange returning home? How did your family and friends react?
No, it was a relief – I missed my family and friends so I was glad to see them. But I do miss the girls in the house.

Did your experiences in the house change you at all?

Not one bit!

Has anyone stopped you in the street or asked you about the show?
Lots of people – I’m Christchurch’s new diva and I am loving it! Jokes!

Were you surprised that you didn’t win?
Definitely was a shock to be eliminated first, I was really driven to go far with the competition but it was a great experience all the same.

So what's next for you?
The world! I am going to go traveling and maybe try to model overseas.

Has your experience made you want to model more, or less?
More – it has been such a great experience.

What was the highlight of the competition?
The house and meeting the girls – I miss them!

What was your lowest point in the contest?
Not making it to the next round

Who were your favourite and least favourite people in the house?
Favourite: Aroha, Hillary, Holly
Least Favourite: I don’t have a least favourite but I knew Bianca least out of the girls.

Finally, any last words for the other girls you shared this experience with?

Love them – I want them all to keep going and doing what they do best in life.

Any last words for your fans around New Zealand?

I love all my fans around NZ, they are the best – I call them Team Ameenz xx

Radio Live's Marcus Lush interviewed Aminah after her shock elimination. You can listen to this interview here.

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