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Cycle 3, Ep 4 - Yanna's Exit Interview

Cycle 3, Ep 4 - Yanna's Exit Interview

If you could do that final shoot again, what would you do differently?
I think I would be less timid.

Did your experiences in the house change you at all?
No – I just tried to be myself.

So what's next for you?
I am back at school

Has your experience made you want to model more, or less?
What I really want to do is get into radio.

What was the highlight of the competition?
Meeting Issy.

What was your lowest point in the contest?

Leaving Issy!

Who were your favourite and least favourite people in the house?
I liked all the girls but especially Issy.

Finally, any last words for the other girls you shared this experience with?
I would tell them to be themselves, don’t be afraid and give it their best shot.

Any last words for your fans around New Zealand?

Thanks for all your support!

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