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Cycle 3, Ep 5 - Briana's Exit Interview

Cycle 3, Ep 5 - Briana's Exit Interview

Describe your Top Model Experience.
An amazing and exciting experience but a rollercoaster ride!

If you could do that final shoot again, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t let the rain and cold get to me as much and try a more variety of poses.

Was it strange returning home? How did your family and friends react?
It was weird being at home again but nice sleeping in my own bed. My family and friends seemed happy to see me and they tried to ask many questions.

Did your experiences in the house change you at all?
I became more independent because we had to do our own washing, cooking and cleaning which I don’t normally do. And I grew up a bit being with older girls.

Has anyone stopped you in the street or asked you about the show?
Yes, especially at the netball courts, girls kind of stare and point. A few have come up to me or waved which is cool. Many people at school have asked a lot of questions.

After making it this far - were you surprised that you didn’t win?
No, because it was a shock for me to get as far as I did so I’m grateful that I got to have this experience.

So what's next for you?

I would like to continue modelling part time.

Has your experience made you want to model more, or less?
More because it was a lot of fun, doing the photo shoots and seeing my pictures is awesome.

What was the highlight of the competition?
Getting to meet some amazing people and getting the modelling experience.

What was your lowest point in the contest?
Getting eliminated.

Who were your favourite and least favourite people in the house?

Favourite: Brigette, Rosanagh, Issy, Hillary and Amber
Least: Tyne, Bianca

Finally, any last words for the other girls you shared this experience with?
That I miss them!

Any last words for your fans around New Zealand?
Thank you for all your support, it’s been awesome and means a lot to me.

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