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Cycle 3, Ep 8 - Arihana's Exit Interview

Cycle 3, Ep 8 - Arihana's Exit Interview

Describe your Top Model Experience.
Intense, interesting and unusual.

If you could do that final shoot again, what would you do differently?

I would try and be more feminine.

Was it strange returning home? How did your family and friends react?
It was pretty overwhelming but lovely. Everyone seemed really happy to see me and have been very supportive.

Did your experiences in the house change you at all?
Idon't think so... :)

Has anyone stopped you in the street or asked you about the show?
Many people have, I'm still getting used to be recognised.

Were you surprised that you didn’t win?
No but I was surprised to get so far.

So what's next for you?
I really want to do make-up artistry and travel the world.

Has your experience made you want to model more, or less?
More, and it's given me the opportunity to have the experience to begin to learn how.

What was the highlight of the competition?
The girls were lovely. I've made some many brilliant friends. That beautiful bearded lizard critter was incredible though.

Who were your favourite and least favourite people in the house?
Oh, such hard question - but everyone was lovely.

Finally, any last words for the other girls you shared this experience with?
Be happy :)

Any last words for your fans around New Zealand?

Peace :)

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