Dale and Sophie



Newlyweds Dale, 29, and Sophie, 24, from inner-suburban Melbourne have the world at their feet.

Married less than a year, this happy-go-lucky couple one day hope to fix up a house in the country and raise a family.

“Dale will spend the days tending to our organic vegie patch while I sew clothes and illustrate children’s books,” Sophie fantasises.

They met seven years ago at Dale’s cousin’s birthday party and haven’t looked back.

Sophie, a graphic designer turned primary school teacher, and Dale, a landscape gardener, share a passion for environmental conservation. They love to take old-world pieces and give them a new lease of life. On weekends, Dale can often be found combing garage sales for hidden gems or scouring his neighbours’ rubbish in search of relics begging for a rebirth.

“We feel that we all have a role to play in preserving the earth’s resources,” says Dale.

The eco-friendly pair have had virtually no renovating experience, but through his work Dale has transformed many outdoor spaces. He is also pretty handy with a power tool and has a general understanding of construction. Sophie has decorated and styled their home, her classroom and a new learning centre.

“We may not have much experience, but Dale’s hard-working attitude and his attention to detail will see us through,” says Sophie.

“Not to mention our secret weapon: Sophie’s creative flair and unique sense of style,” adds Dale.

This laidback pair believe they will work well as a team on The Block by sharing the workload and focusing on their strengths.

“We constantly support each other, no matter the outcomes,” says Sophie.

“Plus we try to make whatever we’re doing fun and not allow ourselves to get down,” adds Dale.

Both are keen AFL fans, with Dale supporting Essendon and Sophie following St Kilda.

To relax, they love nothing more than sitting down with a few beers and enjoying a game of Uno. On weekends, you’re likely to find Sophie with her head in a book and Dale tinkering with his beloved bonsai plants.

Sophie describes Dale as the funniest person she has ever met.

“Dale is super charismatic and people are constantly drawn to him. He is very loyal and willing to help out anyone,” she says.

Clearly a couple very much in love, Sophie and Dale hate to be apart. They had not lived together before their wedding day and have been inseparable since.

“The happiest day of my life was the day I married Sophie,” says Dale. “And if we get through on The Block it’s sure going to make for an interesting honeymoon.”

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