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The Block Glasshouse

Friday 31 October 2014 15:59.

Darren And Dee

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From Melbourne, Victoria and have been married 10 years.

Darren always knew his football career would come to an end one day. Even at his age of 32, it's a young man's game. He combined his building studies with his playing career and after finishing up with Collingwood at the end of last year applied for The Block "to give the new chapter in our lives a bit of a kick-start".

Unlike his footy career, his new path as a builder is something he can control, rather than being at the mercy of others' decisions.

Dee was concerned about doing The Block as she has always tried to keep their relationship private and stay out of the limelight, often going through a side door to the Brownlow Medal count rather than walking the carpet with her husband.

Before having children Dee had her own fashion label, Sophie Penberthy, and she has carried her astute eye for style to the reno of their home in suburban Melbourne, developing a passion for interiors.
Dee's style is classic and contemporary.

Their current house was a rundown three-bedroom Edwardian on 480 sq m with a poor layout and lots of small rooms. They renovated for a year while living in it, gutted the inside and started from scratch.
Registered builders did the structural work and Darren got on the tools and did the rest himself on his days off and weekends. They received quotes for $250,000+ but delivered it themselves for $110,000.

Darren says Dee prides herself on being honest and telling it how it is. "She’s real. I have a short fuse and we are both Scorpios, so it can get fiery."But driven and competitive, as a team they work well together and bring mutually advantageous skills to the table. They move on from their volatile disagreements like only a long-term, rock-solid married couple can.

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