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December 13 – Shearer not a sharer

December 13 – Shearer not a sharer

The Labour caucus have voted and David Shearer is the new leader of the party. Now he can settle down into his new job as leader of the opposition, which mainly consists of yelling ‘shame!’ and saying stuff like ‘this new policy from the Government is nonsense’ and ‘John Key has lost touch with the common man’.

Shearer beat out David Cunliffe for the position and Snort believes the reason Cunliffe lost was because of his funny last name and beady little eyes. Either of those things mean political death in this country, so no manner of experience or competence was ever going to help him out.

Mr Shearer has only been in Parliament for one term, taking over from former Prime Minister Helen Clark in her electorate of Mt Albert. His short time in Parliament means he is a relative unknown but it is clear what his major strength is…that he’s not Phil Goff.

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