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December 14 – Explain it again….

December 14 – Explain it again….
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So there’s this big machine that’s trying to create something that is preposterously small and that remains in existence for the tiniest time you can think of. Quicker than that. In fact, you can’t even think that quick.

It’s called the Higgs boson and no one knows if it exists. In fact, there’s only a theory that it exists. Which really means it shouldn’t have a name. Things should be allowed names only if they are real.That’s what Snort was told by our teacher when we brought Jack to school – our ‘imaginary’ talking dog/lion/best friend.

Scientists reckon they’ve gotten a little bit closer to finding a kind of area where they possibly think the as yet undiscovered, theoretical particle might hypothetically be. So that’s good news.They say that if they actually find it, it will be very exciting. They also say that if they don’t find it then that will be very exciting too.Very clever scientists, unbeatable enthusiasm. Either way, I think we can all agree that at least someone is excited.

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