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December 15 – Bullshit weather.

December 15 – Bullshit weather.

Wow. It’s really raining huh? Especially in Nelson. Poor buggers. Flights have been cancelled. Houses flooded. A state of emergency declared. And now this Snort reporter is going to have to cancel his Christmas holiday in Golden Bay. Bullshit weather.

So now instead of the holiday house it looks like the missus family will be staying with us for the next two weeks. And her sister has just divorced, so there’s all that crying and moaning and blaming to deal with. To be fair I actually quite liked Greg but even I have to admit that sleeping with a prostitute on your stag night is a little too far. Even if the stags did pay for her in advance and book the hotel room.

And I bet none of them bring toothpaste. Or toilet paper. They all just think toilet paper is included, but when you’ve got 8 extra people in the house (6 of them women) toilet paper is a scarcity. I actually hope I get toilet paper for Christmas the rate these people go through it. And I’ll have to watch whatever TV they want to watch. Bullshit weather.

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