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December 15 – Chile not chilly.

December 15 – Chile not chilly.
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We work pretty hard here in the Snort office. And it can get pretty hot. Not because we’re working hard – mainly because we’re in a small room and can’t afford air conditioning. Or fans. Or windows. Ok…so…we’re in the windowless study at Mums. Happy? There. We said it. We work at our Mum’s house.

Anyway, if our Mum lived in Chile (Which she never could, cause she’s nowhere near hot enough) and we got too hot in our/her office, then all we’d have to do is take our ties off. Because this summer Chile’s economy minister is encouraging the men of his country (and fashion-bending women presumably) to not wear ties to save energy.

You see, if they didn’t have ties on then they wouldn’t get so hot and the country would save a bundle on the electricity it takes to power anti-tie air-con. And while Snort is hot in our little room, this particular cooling technique wouldn’t help us because we don’t wear ties. We have an un-usually large neck and Mum says a tie just accentuates that. She’s right. We know she’s right.

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