Designing a Cutting-Edge Kitchen

Designing a Cutting-Edge Kitchen

Your ideal kitchen is a kitchen that combines luxury with personal style and practical storage solutions.
Factor in these three elements and your kitchen will convey your unique acquired taste with modern finishings that add to the value of your house!

Check out the gallery above of Peter Hay Kitchens as seen on The Block NZ


Think modern luxury

Be forward-thinking with your design ideas to ensure your kitchen looks new for years to come. What are the latest quality bench-top materials being used? What layout works with the modern home for open plan living? No matter what budget you have, allow yourself a bit of luxury.

Add your personal style

A cutting-edge kitchen is no one elses! Loz and Tom added a splash-back with beautiful artwork, Alice and Caleb added interesting industrial lights, Alisa and Koan kept the grooved panelling design from throughout their house and Pete and Andy have added a statement rangehood. What makes your kitchen unique to you?

Storage, storage, storage

A modern kitchen offers space for all the food and cooking utensils you could ever desire. So just think:  the more storage, the merrier your family! Add drawers under surfaces and think vertically: can you add storage space above appliances and benches? It’s a balancing act to combine storage with open plan living and the right mix will pay off.

By custom-designing your kitchen, you can ensure it all works with the schema of your house. Adding those little details will make all the difference.

Peter Hay Kitchens, official kitchen suppliers of The Block NZ, offer New Zealand made custom designs to work within any budget requirements. You’ll get to see your plans in their 3D software and even test drive your kitchen on their showroom before you buy.

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What would your ideal kitchen have?

Where are they from?

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