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House of Cards Facts

13 things you didn't necessarily know about House of Cards. Unless you did and you're already a huge fan, in which case - good on you!

1. Claire’s clothes are designed to look like she’s wearing armour.
“The idea initially was to be a modern day Lady Macbeth—she wears her clothes as armour. They had to be completely tailored, but not too noticeable because she’s a politician’s wife. She does run a foundation, so it was about looking good but not standing out. She wears clothes to protect herself.” Tom Broecker, costumer designer.

2. Claire was told to play a pillar
“David (the director) gave me a basic but great piece of advice. He said, ‘Don’t move so much. I want you to be very still. She’s like a bust, the strength, the pillar next to Francis’.” Robin Wright.

3. There was no other option for Underwood after Kevin Spacey. Producer Beau Willimson tweeted
Kevin was our ONLY choice. And if said no, we might not have done the show. There can only be one Underwood and it's Kevin!

4. President Obama loves the show

5. The cast were all David Fincher’s (and the producer's) first choice for the roles.

6. Michael Gill who plays President Garrett Walker is married to Jayne Atkinson who plays Secretary of State Cathy Durant.

7. At a photo shoot for House of Cards, Kevin Spacey had to hold a burning flag, but accidentally burnt his hand. Because he had to wear a bandage on set, the writers got Underwood to burn his hand with coffee in episode nine.

8. Producer Beau Williamon believes this series might not be far from the truth when it comes to political scandal.

“You can’t become president of the United States, or a senator or a congressman, without some heads rolling along the way,” he continued. “There’s the saying, ‘Behind every great fortune there’s a great crime.’ I think behind every great office there’s a great crime ... That’s scary to a lot of people. But it’s also delicious and entertaining.”

9. Robin Wright won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Drama Series this year (2014)

10. Robin played The Princess Bride in the 1987 film of the same name

11. Robin has admitted to two injections of Botox a year to take the sags off her face

12. Kevin Spacey has founded TriggerStreet Productions which produced Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks.

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