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Dominic's Blog - Hanging Out With 1D!


Well, 12 became 10 last week on the X Factor and there are been some clear favorites taking shape. That’s what is great about the LIVE portion of the show - you can fudge your way through the early stages but true colours and more importantly true talent soars when things are live. There really is nowhere to hide. Which makes the 13-year-old talent of Carly Rose all the more incredible. I have to totally agree with LA when he said "I don't believe you're a human because you can't do that at 13". When I think back to what I was doing when I was 13, it certainly wasn't this, what a gift. But for me equally as much of a threat to walk away with the 5 million dollar prize, is Tate Stevens. The country singer already deserving the show’s top prize based on his performances to this point in the show, I love what this is setting up, a Simon vs LA judge showdown. I always thought their contestants would have the edge over the more novice mentoring talents of Demi and Britney but look, we are still a long way from the end, so anything could happen I guess.

Another big story out of LA of late involves - of course - a Kardashian. It seems there’s never a week that goes by when a Kardashian sister is not in the news getting divorced or having babies but now the latest, Kim is "jealous" of her sister Khloe being a part of the X Factor. She "feels like Khloe has become the break out star of the family and she hates it". I don't believe it for a second but at least it takes a little bit of the heat off Khloe's hosting which has not been received as well as the producers over here at hoped. Truth is, it hasn't been the Khloe we see on her E! Channel show, which is kind of why they hired her. Live TV can be a daunting thing for anyone and I think for her 3rd week, she's doing great but she's certainly not adding much value for the viewers, again though early days.

It was Taylor Swifts turn to wow the crowds last week on the show but it was Cowell’s biggest creation, One Direction, that has been the real highlight so far this season. A crazy fact, earlier this year they were honored by the Guinness World Records as the first British band to debut at number one in America with a debut, it really is amazing how big they have become!

I got to meet them recently and it was a trip! They’re helping us out with something for the X Factor NZ, I will post the interview I did with them shortly, so if you're fans of 1D, watch this space.

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Dominic Bowden's Blog

Dominic's Blog

No Real Surprises Here

The first act to be sent home saw the whole crowd booing and seemingly quite surprised, but at this stage of the game, seriously is anything really that much of a shocker?

Dom's blog

They're Dropping Like Flies

There was a festive theme last week, as most Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving but there was nothing to celebrate for two acts, as there time on the show came to an end.

sweet suspense

A Shock Double Elimination

It's been an eventful few weeks on the X Factor USA, with Simon Cowell mixing things up with a dizzying amount of changes to his beloved show and then of course the rather embarrassing voting graphics errors this time last week. Could there be anymore drama in store?

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That's Embarrasing!

For the first time in X Factor history thanks to a graphics error (sure someone got in trouble for this one), the wrong numbers were put up after each contestant, so none of the votes from America were counted and the pressure lifted as all the acts had a do-over episode, the following night.

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The Competition Is About to Get Fierce

With the Boot Camp and Judge's Houses stages of the show cut in favor of the Four Chair Challenge, the contestants haven’t had a chance to hang out at and form strong friendships, so expect the competition to be even more fierce!

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Now It's Time To Go LIVE!

We have seen some incredible talent this year but everything changes from this point on, now its time to go LIVE!

Get Ready For The Live Shows

Get Ready For The Live Shows

Well the LIVE shows kick off in just one week on the X Factor USA, the top 16 will go at it head to head and we’ll finally find out what the caliber of talent is really like this year on the show.

four chair challenge

The X Factor Hunger Games

Starting this week the show is going to look very different - No Boot Camp, no Judges Retreat but Say Hello to the “Four Chair Challenge”.

Dominic's Blog

The Final Week of Auditions!

Well it really has flown by but we’ve arrived at the final week of the X Factor USA auditions and Simon and co has packed it with some pretty memorable characters.

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Week 2 of Auditions

Well it's week 2 of the auditions on the X Factor USA and Simon and co are kicking things off in Los Angeles, a city you’d hope to jam packed with talent.

Dom's blog

Third Time's the Charm

For all those people who’ve suffered from a little bit of X Factor withdrawal,here we go again,(without Bedingfield unfortunately).


Dominic's Blog - Does Cece Deserve To Be There?

Does Cece deserve to be there based on her performances? I don’t think so but as Demi's last chance in the competition, she sure believes in her.


Dominic's Blog - Diva Behaviour!

This time its Britney Spears who is not happy, she has been accused of diva behavior towards X Factor judge Demi and co-host Khloe.

Dominic's Blog - Hanging Out With 1D!

It was Taylor Swifts turn to wow the crowds last week on the show but it was Cowell’s biggest creation, One Direction that has been the real highlight I think so far this season.

Dominic's Blog - Week 6

Well, its certainly been a big week in the world of X Factor NZ. Firstly, thanks to everyone that’s sent through congrats for this job.

Dominic's Blog - Week 5

Well this week on the show we’ve seen the star wattage lifted a peg or two, with Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas, Marc Anthony and Will.I.Am lending their names and talent to the show.

Dominic's Blog - Week 4

Dominic's Blog - Week 4

This week on the show we continued our bootcamp, narrowing 120 contestants through from the auditions down by half.


Dominic's Blog - Week 3

I want to see Bieber, Marc Anthony, Joe Jonas and Will.I.Am’s take on the talent so far. What kind of sway will they have over Simon or Britney and will they have anything interesting to say about the musicians?

Dominic's Blog - Week 2

Dominic's Blog - Week 2

Mr Nasty has traded in his sparring partner from last season, producer L. A. Reid for a younger model, 18 year old Demi Lovato.