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Don't Mess With Loki


So Eva is dead and buried (or rather burned) and in the aftermath of her untimely death the battle lines are being drawn.

Ty has been drawn deeper into an alliance with his mother and has incurred the wroth of Loki.

And while getting cosy with Agnetha may not be a good idea – getting offside with Loki seems certain to be a worse one.

As a father to Eva (while she was alive, at least) Colin was distant at best, cruel at worst. A pawn in Loki’s wranglings, she was married off and dispatched with a shocking lack of fatherly care.

After rooting Michele in his daughter’s bed, Daddy was happy to stand by as Eva and Michele when hell-for-leather at each other at the bar. As pet names go “that stupid little bitch” lacks usual father-daughter bond.

But it seems with her death Loki has come over all paternal. Whether out of grief or just good old fashioned love of revenge – Loki is on the war path.

S Stealing Eva's body he organises his own farewell - Norse style, which he presides over with a flame-thrower, looking like Herne Bay’s answer to Rambo.


A Norse funeral pyre is one thing, but suggesting that Ty join Eva in “Death’s cleansing embrace” carries more than a hint of malice.

And Loki is not a god you want to mess with. Colin is threatening enough as a lawyer, but Loki is the trickster – a God who deals in mischief and deceit.

“You’ll keep” he tells Ty. But I suspect that Ty will not have to wait long before Loki strikes.

While Ty is lord of all things cold, Loki has a penchant for fire – and revenge is a dish not always best served cold.

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Don't Mess With Loki

With the death of Eva Ty has been drawn deeper into an alliance with his mother and has incurred the wroth of Loki.


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