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Doctors and Nurses of Kings Cross ER

Dr Iromi Samarasinghe

Dr Iromi Samarasinghe

‘The Juggler’

As a working mother of two, Iromi Samarasinghe is used to juggling several balls in the air at once. But she loves the fact that working in the Emergency Department at St. Vincent’s is vastly different from being a housewife in the suburbs. For Iromi, practicing medicine is a family tradition. Her father who lives by Buddhist principles, inspired her to set aside her childhood ambitions of becoming a vet, and follow in his footsteps. She takes her job very seriously and is proud of the egalitarian ethos of the hospital.

Currently working part-time at St. Vincent’s, Iromi has mastered balancing the job she loves with spending time with her family. After a crazy day in the Emergency Department, she finds there is nothing better than going home to her husband and kids.

Everybody gets treated equally.

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