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Doctors and Nurses of Kings Cross ER

Dr Nikki Bart

Dr Nikki Bart

‘The Bright Spark’

A born and bred Sydneysider, Nikki decided to embark on a career in medicine for one fundamental reason – she wanted to help people. While aware that it all sounds a little cliché, the 27 year old thinks the best thing about her job is being able to go home at the end of the day and feel like she’s made a difference. Although three years out of med school, Nikki is still just as passionate about learning. The conscientious doctor humbly admits that she learns something new every day in Emergency, and even these days, she still gets a little nervous about going to work. For her, St Vincent’s is both a unique and wonderful place to work. Not only is it constantly challenging and always different, the hospital is also very centrally located – which for this beach-loving doctor born and bred in Bondi, means she is able to sneak in a swim before work.

You’re medical. You’re surgical. You’re a GP. You do everything.

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