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Episode 5 - Workman’s Funky Bar & Café, Matamata


Bacon & Egg Pie
Use an only slightly moist Tea Towel to cover Filo pastry to stop it drying out.
The key with filo is to work quickly so pastry sheets don’t dry out and become brittle.
Always buy your Filo Pastry from the chiller compartment – frozen Filo is too brittle and hard to work with.

Thai Style Beef Salad
Use Oyster Sauce as a tasty marinade for steak
High heat will help caramalize the natural sugars in the meat, turning it a deep brown colour and giving it great flavour.
To test if your steak is medium-rare, give it a press with your finger, it should have some “give”
Adding water to your sauces when making a dressing helps to balance out strong flavours and bring the mixture together

Dark Chocolate Tarts
Adding salt to the pastry mixture brings out all the flavours
Pricking pastry cases with a fork removes pockets of air that would otherwise cause the pastry to rise up and set in a bubbled shape.

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