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Eva & Ty - A Match Made In Heaven?

Eva aka Hel - Goddess of the Underworld

While Anders always gets the girl Ty’s had a rough time when it comes to love. After nearly freezing his last girlfriend Dawn to death, Ty knew that a moral love would never survive.

So it was that at the end of Season 1 Ty gave up Dawn and married Eva - fulfilling contract and saving Mike from death.

And while it may seem like a sacrifice – I can’t help but feel that this could be just what Ty needs.

His new wife is a Goddess after all – and cute, to boot.

So will this marriage of convenience turn into something more? Are they really a match made in Heaven?

Eva is Hel – Goddess of the Underworld.

In the Norse world Hel is a cold place, so while Eva and Ty (Hodor – God of Winter) are in some ways a good match – their union can also be a stormy one.

Strange things happen when two cold fronts meet.

Their marriage is set to be a passionate one, but not necessarily a healthy one.

Brooke Williams, who plays Eva, describes their relationship as “obsessive and compulsive”.

Add in the preternatural element and things get pretty intense.

“With the God power on top it becomes an addiction.”

Brooke says Eva is a strong woman, and not to be underestimated. “There’s none of that fragile ‘emo wannabe’ stuff.”

Jared Turner, who plays Ty, describes Eva as explosive.“Being such a volatile creature that she is, she brings out the worst in Ty.”

The general consensus is that Ty has just landed in the mother of all dysfunctional God-Goddess relationships.

And speaking of mothers, Ty is working on another complicated relationship – with his estranged mother Agnetha…more on that kettle of fish later.

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