Ewen Gilmour - S'Truth

Ewen Gilmour

In each story there is an element of truth. In Ewen Gilmour’s home there is an element. It’s for spotting.

Join NZ’s most loved Westie & the NZ Comedy Guild’s “Male Comedian of the Decade” as he puts an “S” in front of “Truth” making it funnier and easier to handle. Which would you prefer; an “Ex” or “Sex”?

Can’t handle the truth? This show is for you.

Warning: This show contains content of a purely bullshit nature.

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Auckland - The Classic
Mon 14 - Sat 19 May, 7pm

Adults $28.00
Conc. $25.00
Groups 10+ $25
*service fees may apply

0800 TICKETEK (842538)

Show Duration:
1 hour


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