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Feb 24 - Godesses are amongst us

The Almighty Johnsons

Time to get in touch with our outer goddesses. Our Norse matriarchs of moonbeams and feminine mayhem.

Although, let’s get something cleared up for a start. Norse goddesses are not buxom, pig-tailed, scantily clad maidens who ride around on winged horses. No, that’s the Valkyries.

Goddesses are a whole lot more complicated and dangerous than your average sword waving warrior bimbo.

Let’s start at the top of the food chain with…

Agnetha (Alison Bruce). Business magnate, mover, shaker, and ruthless remover of obstacles and problems. She might be the incarnation of Freja, goddess of fertility and prosperity and all that, but she doesn’t need to be nice about it. Everyone’s fertile? Check. Everyone’s prosperous? Check. So there were a few casualties along the way. The survivors have nothing to complain about, have they? No? Glad to hear it.

Michele (Michelle Langstone), aka Sjofn, the goddess of relationships, sex, and marital harmony. Back in the day, desperate Viking wives would pray to Sjofn for spells and ‘enticements’ that would keep their husbands home instead of out there raping and pillaging. As Sjofn’s incarnation, Michele’s divine heart’s in the right place. She’s a doctor after all. And she’s got a lot of love to give…to humans. It’s gods she can’t stand.

As for Ingrid (Rachel Nash), she’s lovely. She can’t help it. She’s Snotra, the goddess of wisdom, virtue, and good table manners. So what if she’s got the worst goddess name ever? I’m sure ‘snot’ means something like ‘rainbow’ or ‘sent from the heavens’ in Old Norse.

And then there’s Stacey (Eve Gordon), the incarnation of Fulla. Fulla what…beans? Yeah, she’s heard them all before. In fact, one more time and she’s likely to get stabby. Fulla was always and attendant goddess, a handmaiden/shieldmaiden type of girl. Stacey’s definitely more shieldy than she is handy. As tough as she is loyal. With Stacey’s is best to stay on her good side.

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