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Game Terminology

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A HEADSTART: All players begin each new show with 15 points.

SNAPSHOT: An image(s) provides the key to answering a question worth 15 points, or $1500.

GAMESCREEN: The screen in studio on which snapshot is displayed.

CASH FOR POINTS: A fixed dollar amount offered by the host to the lead contestant in exchange for that contestant’s lead points.

SAFE MONEY: Refers to any money won by a contestant when accepting a Cash For Points offer, or by choosing the cash prize option in a Snapshot round. Safe Money can be accumulated over any number of shows a contestant plays. Safe Money cannot be lost, irrespective of gameplay outcomes.

SAFETY NET JACKPOT: This is a new feature added to the show in 2014 to create added incentive for contestants play on for bigger jackpots. When a player wins the $75,000 jackpot they get to keep this money, irrespective of gameplay outcomes in future games. This creates a safety net enabling contestants to play on for even bigger wins, without a fear of walking away empty-handed.

LOCKED-OUT: Refers to a player’s exclusion from play for either an entire round (during Snapshot), or for one question (during Double Points Decider) as a penalty for an incorrect answer. The player’s buzzer becomes inactive during a lock-out.

IN THE RED: Refers to scores that fall into negative points below zero. Negative scores are not displayed with a minus sign. Instead, a player’s score is described as going ‘into the red’ and the background colour on their score screen changes from black to red to indicate a negative score until they are back ‘out of the red’.

MILLION DOLLAR MINUTE: Refers to the final jackpot game of five multiple choice questions answered by one player in 60 seconds, as well as being the show’s namesake.

JACKPOT: Refers to a set amount of money available to be won if a player answers all five questions correctly during the Million Dollar Minute.

JACKPOT LADDER: Refers to the ladder of eight separate, fixed, prize money amounts that can be won by successfully completing the Million Dollar Minute at each level. It is not a cumulative ladder.

Step 1

Player’s 1st MDM win


Step 2

Player’s 2nd MDM win


Step 3 (Safety Net)

Player’s 3rd MDM win


Step 4

Player’s 4th MDM win


Step 5

Player’s 5th MDM win


Step 6

Player’s 6th MDM win


Step 7

Player’s 7th MDM win


Step 8

Player’s 8th MDM win


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