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Teenage sweethearts, Ginny Death (22) and Rhys Wineera (23) have been together for six years and live together in a rented cottage by the beach in New Plymouth.

Ginny is an intensive care nurse, and Rhys, of Ngāti Ruanui and Ngati Toa decent, is an electrical linesman. An energetic and social young couple with a large group of friends, they dream of owning their first home by the end of this year. Rhys loves a practical joke and is a big rugby fan; he played competitively for Taranaki until a back injury ruled him out. In her spare time, Ginny likes collecting art and shopping, and says it’s hard for her to resist a pretty dress. “I’ve got some crazy dresses, but you have to spoil yourself every now and then.” Their jobs often entail shift work, so this couple ensures they make time to be together.

Ginny and Rhys think they have the know-how to handle any surprises The Block NZ throws their way and believe their experience in high pressure jobs has taught them to take a step back, take their time and do things properly.


Ginny and Rhys favour older houses with a modern style – clean wooden floor boards, period light fittings and fixtures, open plan living and neutral colours. There will be no big bright walls for them.

This pair are all about making a home that can accommodate good social gatherings. Ginny says she likes to personalise a living space with paintings and one-off pieces of ‘amazing’ furniture. Her favourite room in a house is the lounge: “It’s so cosy and homely, but also a great space for entertaining.”

Rhys also likes the lounge, but says a good indoor/outdoor flow is really important for entertaining friends, and he loves outdoor fireplaces.


Ginny and Rhys’s renovation experience extends to some plastering and painting and helping family out here and there. Rhys has some landscaping skills and enjoyed making a three tiered grandstand out of pallets and couches for 18 or so of his friends to watch the Rugby World Cup last year.


Rhys: “The York barrel chair, it’s a big circle chair and it’s good for just one person, not two. That cost $1,600. And Ginny’s wardrobe is ridiculous; she’s got that many dresses.”

Ginny: “For me it’s the antique mirror we spent $1,000 on.”

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