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Friday 14 February 2014 15:31.

Guy Williams Nominated for Sexiest Man Award

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Even with his tall, lanky figure; large spectacles and awkward joke making abilties - Guy Williams has been nominated for the TV Guide's Sexiest Man award for 2014.

The comedian has also been voted for the Funniest Person on TV award, along with fellow TV3 stars Dai Henwood, Jeremy Corbett and Madeline Sami.

If Guy Williams wins both awards, it's suspected that these accolades could make him NZ's most eligible bachelor* (*According to Guy Williams).

It's believed Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce of Jono and Ben at Ten are suspicious about the nomination.

We'd also like to congratulate all the talented people from TV3 and FOUR who've been nominated in the TV Guide Best on the Box Awards!

You can make your vote here

List of TV3 and FOUR nominations

Best Presenter, News:
Hilary Barry
Sacha McNeil
Mike McRoberts
Rachel Smalley

Best Presenter, General:
Dominic Bowden (The X Factor NZ)
Mark Richardson (The Block NZ)

Best Presenter, Current Affairs:
John Campbell (Campbell Live)
Guyon Espiner (3rd Degree)
Duncan Garner (3rd Degree)

Best Presenter, Weather:
Mike Hall
Josh Heslop
Ingrid Hipkiss

Best Presenter, Sport:
Hamish McKay

Best Actor:
Tim Balme (Mike, The Almighty Johnsons)
Shane Cortese (Colin, The Almighty Johnsons)
Oscar Kightley (Harry, Harry)
Sam Neill (Jim, Harry)
Dean O’Gorman (Anders, The Almighty Johnsons)

Best Actress:
Antonia Prebble (Jane, The Blue Rose)
Madeleine Sami (Super City)

Funniest person on TV:
Jeremy Corbett (7 Days)
Dai Henwood (7 Days)
Madeleine Sami (Super City)
Guy Williams (Jono and Ben at Ten)

Best Current Affairs:
Campbell Live
3rd Degree

Rising Star:
Little Jono and Ben (Jono and Ben at Ten)
Janika Ter Ellen (3 News)

Best News:
3 News
3 News: Firstline

Best Special event:
Comedy for Cure Kids: Good Sports
2013 NZ Music Awards

Best Documentary:
Inside NZ: Mind the Gap
Inside NZ: Charlotte – My story

Best Documentary Series:
Family Secret

Best Sport Show:
CRC Motorsport
ITM Fishing Show

Best Kids Show:
Moe (FOUR)
Sticky TV

Best Reality Contest:
The Block NZ
The X Factor NZ

Best Culinary Series:
Testing the Menu

Best Drama:
The Almighty Johnsons
The Blue Rose

Best Comedy:
7 Days
Jono and Ben at Ten

Sexiest Man
Guy Williams ( Jono and Ben at Ten)

Make your vote in the TV Guide Best on the Box Awards

Holly Roberts for TV3

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