Tips and Picks from Your Favourite Comedian

Ever wondered what comedians find funny themselves? Well we wondered as much ourselves, so we've asked your favourite 7Days regulars to tell us their Picks for this year's Comedy Festival and also a few tips on how to avoid being picked on, on the night.

Check back each week for new tips and picks from your 7Days comics.

Guy Williams' Tips and Picks

This Guy

David O’Doherty – David O’Doherty has always been one of my comedy hero’s and the author of one of my favourite one-liners: "If procrastination was an Olympic event… I wouldn't even turn up."

Barry Morgan’s World of Organs – I’ve been hoping this show would come to NZ ever since he smashed it at the Melbourne Comedy Festival last year:

Guy Williams – Guy is almost defiantly going to be a sleeper hit of the festi… Ok I’m gonna be honest with you I was hoping that you wouldn’t notice I was picking myself… it was a stupid plan, forget about it! If anything the fact that I’m desperate enough to pull a stunt like this is surely a reason come to the show! Come out of pity if nothing else! I promise that it won’t completely suck, that’s a guarantee.

I will also be doing Ben Hurley’s show on the 28th and the 2nd come along!

Rose Matafeo - Rose hosts the amazing “Fan-fiction Comedy” show which is a must see. She’s probably the most naturally funny person I know.

Joseph Harper – I’m biased because he’s my friend, but last year Joseph’s show was easily my favourite show at the festival. Plus its ‘koha’ (pay what you want) or as my brother says “Potentially free”.

10 Hot Comedy Festival Tipz:

1) Don’t get real pissed
2) No Pets
2) To be honest that’s all I can think of right now. I seem to have massively over estimated how many “hot tipz” I was actually capable of coming up with! And I’ve stuffed up the auto fill numbering on Microsoft Word 98 so it says 2) twice. What a balls up.

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